Monday, October 25, 2010

Fun Airline Stories

Jeff and I recently flew to Eugene, OR, and I thought I'd share a couple funny stories from the flights.

J: Do you hear that buzzing sound?
C: No, I don't hear anything.
J: It sounds like someone's alarm is going off. It sounds just like the alarm on my phone, but it can't possibly be mine because I turned off my phone before getting on the plane. (reaches down to his phone just to double check)
C: Oh yeah. Now I hear it. It IS your alarm.
J: What the...? I know I shut off my phone. (takes phone out to shut off alarm)

Oddly, his phone continually would turn itself back on throughout the trip.

Here's another one.

C: quizzical look on her face
J: (cuz we're always on the same wavelength) The fly? Yeah, I saw it come on when we were boarding.
C: Well, let's hope so!
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