Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Como Park Zoo

WAIT!! Those aren't our girls...

On a recent visit to MN, we got to spend a couple hours with Clarinda's good friend, Lindsey Christ, and her adorable 5-year-old twin girls, Aria and Adriana.

These two little girls love to pose for the camera...

Mommy left all alone... :-(Our turn!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Downtown Portland

On March 30th, we took a drive through Downtown Portland. There were some interesting statues, so we went exploring.

Jeff and Larry analyzing some roman numerals on a momument.

Now you give it a try...

McMenamin's Kennedy School

We wanted to have a reception or an open house after our sealing, so those of our family and friends who were unable to attend the temple ceremony could still help celebrate our day with us. Planning a reception soon became too daunting to do from 3000 miles away, so we decided to hold a Celebratory Dinner instead.

In the Portland area, there is a chain called McMenamins. They buy old, unique buildings and convert them into restaurants. The one we chose was the Kennedy School. The school was built in 1915, but has now been converted to a restaurant. We reserved a classroom for our gathering--complete with chalkboards and everything!
A few pics from our celebratory dinner...

With Erin Black and Heidi Pabst
Clarinda's aunts, Leah Cooley and Edith Crowder (left to right)

Clarinda's uncle Richard Cooley

Corey and Lina Wilson (Clarinda's brother and sister-in-law)

Corey Wilson and Jerilyn Dodson (Jeff's mom)

The Cottey girls deep in conversation--probably a trip down memory lane

What a goofy guy!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Temple Sealing

On Wednesday, March 29, 2006, we were sealed together for all time and eternity in the LDS Portland, Oregon temple. It was a simple ceremony with an eternal magnitude. We were so happy that many of our family and friends were able to be in attendance.

Those in attendance were: Larry Wilson (Clarinda's Dad), Jerilyn Dodson (Jeff's mom), Brian and Trudy Lupkes (Jeff's sister and brother-in-law), Corey and Lina Wilson (Clarinda's brother and sister-in-law), Heidi Pabst (friend of Clarinda's), Richard and Leah Cooley (Clarinda's aunt and uncle), Edith Crowder (Clarinda's aunt), Jerry Ramsey (Jeff's uncle), Marci Ramsey (Jeff's cousin), Janie (friend of Jeff's mom), Rick and Kathy Johnson (friend of Jeff's family).

The Portland, Oregon temple is very beautiful. It also has an indoor atrium that is open to everyone. We were able to take a few pictures inside the atrium after the ceremony...and a few pictures outside.

Hope you enjoy!

Clarinda's brother and sister-in-law, Corey and Lina Wilson

With Clarinda's parents, Larry and Marna Wilson

With Clarinda's family in the atrium

Clarinda and her Dad

Jeff and his Mom

Jeff and his family
(left to right--Uncle Jerry, Marcy, Jerilyn, Jeff, Clarinda, Trudy, Brian)

Clarinda and Heidi Pabst (friend of Clarinda's from college)

This one is a little blurry, but we really like the off the cuff nature of the picture.

Temple spire

The flowers were so gorgeous!

Another off the cuff...

With Clarinda's family outside

Gotta have at least one of these...

Killer Bunnies anyone?

We ended our adventurous day at the Falls and Vista House with a family game night.

We introduced Killer Bunnies to Jeff's family. It was a BIG hit. Jeff's cousin Marcy kept telling her dad, Uncle Jerry, that they "needed to get this game."

It was a long night--the game lasted at least 3-4 hours! Everyone had a great time, though, so it was definitely time well spent.

Vista House

On March 28, we also stopped to check out the Vista House.

The Vista House is located at the top of Crown Point and overlooks the Columbia River. Originally built as a resting point for Highway 30, during World War II it was converted to a gun battery. To the locals, it is referred to as the "Million Dollar Outhouse" because all the soldiers did was eat, sleep, and well... you know...

It turns out the Columbia River just wasn't as much of a target for the Japanese as the US military first thought.

Below are some pictures from our stop at the Vista House:

The Vista House
Clarinda and Heidi at the Vista House
View from the top of Crown Point

Looking down the Columbia River

What's out there?


Multnomah Falls

On March 28, Jeff and Clarinda spent the day at Multnomah Falls with her parents, Larry and Marna, and her friend, Heidi Pabst.

The falls were absolutely beautiful! The colors so rich. We had a lot of fun hiking up to the top of the falls. It was a mile-long hike. The 2nd half seemed a lot steeper than the first. It was tough, but definitely worth it! If anyone wants to visit us in Portland (once we move out there), we might just invite you to see the beauty of the falls with us.

Here are a few pictures from our day:

Us at the base of the lower falls.

Larry and Marna (Clarinda's parents) at the base of the lower falls.

We're in a cave!

Taking a break...

The Falls

Clarinda and her Dad in a cave

Clarinda and Heidi a cave.
We sure thought these little caves were cool. :-)

Finally...we made it to the top!

Clarinda and Heidi at the top

Clarinda and her Dad at the top


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