Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Law & Order: SVU

Last night, Jeff and Clarinda got to be flies on the wall of a TV shoot. It was so much fun! Clarinda hadn't been on a set since her days in film school and Jeff had never been. It was quite fascinating.

Law & Order has used the campus of Union Theological Seminary many times, but this time SVU wanted to use the bookstore as well. Being the manager, Clarinda had the opportunity to watch the proceedings, so naturally, she invited Jeff to come keep her company.

It was kind of weird to see people that you watch on TV right in your place of work, but there they were...Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay were in the scene. We didn't actually get to meet them, as we were just flies on the wall. :-)

Unfortunately, we forgot to bring our camera. Not sure that we would've been able to take any pics, but it would've been nice to have had the opportunity. Oh well...at least we will be receiving autographed head shots soon.

We're not sure when the episode will air, but it should air this season--probably late March, early April. The episode is called "Influence," so keep your eyes open. If we find out a specific date, we'll let you know.

Monday, February 27, 2006


Clarinda decided she should do some updates to our website this morning. She was shocked and appalled to discover that we hadn't made any updates since November! That is such a shame...

In light of this, we've decided that our website is too cumbersome and difficult to update frequently. We checked out a friend's blog and thought that might be the way for us to go, too. We hope to keep this updated much more frequently. We'll shoot for once a week, but hopefully at least a few times each month.

We haven't decided yet if we will try to update this retroactively or just going forward--probably a little of both.


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