Friday, September 17, 2010


A few months ago, a friend of mine, Lisa, sent out an email asking if anyone was interested in going to see Wicked--suggesting we make it a girls' night out.

I was super excited!

Jeff was super excited, too. Yeah, he totally wanted to crash the girls' night! I also invited my sister, gave a ticket to my niece for her birthday, and invited an old friend.

Last night was THE night!!

I was so excited! This is the first Broadway play I'd ever seen. We've been to a couple other plays but nothing with this much acclaim.

I was also excited because the old friend I invited was my roommate in the summer of 1997...and that was the last time I'd seen her. Reconnecting with old friends is always such great fun!!

Jeff and I grabbed some dinner at Mackenzie's before the show. It was conveniently located right next door to the theater. My friend, Heather, joined us, and then my sister and niece joined us, too.

Wicked was showing at the Orpheum theater in Minneapolis. What a gorgeous theater! We'd never been inside this theater before. I had no idea how big and old it was. Today, I had to look up the history of the theater. Fascinating! It originally opened in 1921. Jeff figured it was so old by noticing that it the lighting had been converted from gas lamps to electrical fixtures. The Hennepin Theater Trust actually gives tours of their theaters (including the Orpheum). I'd definitely LOVE to take one of those tours.

The play was fantastic! We were in the center of the very back row, so definitely not the best seats in the house. I still enjoyed the play immensely. I especially loved the storyline. It was incredible! I loved the little twists and turns and the tie-ins to the Wizard of Oz. I loved the music and the acting! I loved the fun company of the people I went with.

There were 20 or so of us that went together as a group. I didn't get a chance to socialize with them all, but it was definitely worth the group rate!

Overall, it was a fabulous evening out! Thanks, Lisa, for organizing it all!

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