Friday, October 29, 2010

Ramos-Ferber Wedding

Last weekend, Jeff and I went out to Oregon for the wedding of an old friend of Jeff's. It was so much fun...and oh, so beautiful! The wedding was held at a secluded ranch on the Umpqua River in southern Oregon.

Big K Ranch Lodge
In addition to the Lodge and Guest Cabins, it was a working ranch with cattle and everything.
Grazing Cattle
In addition to the cattle, they had a bird preserve. Hunters can come and hunt for pheasants and other game birds. We walked around the grounds a bit Friday evening and saw a few pheasants.
There is a glimpse of a pheasant in the center of this photo.
Sorry for the poor quality; our camera was not cooperating very well most of the weekend.
Jeff must have just missed the pheasant in this photo, but it's such a nice crisp photo that I had to include it.
 The lodge was located in a beautiful valley. Any direction you looked there were mountains directly in your view.
Gorgeous mountains surrounding the lodge!
Miles of the Umpqua River made the border of the ranch from the neighboring ranch. There was a very cool alluvial fan of rocks where the trail from the lodge met up with the river.
Me standing on the alluvial fan, looking out at the river
Saturday was the wedding. The bride was stunning!
The ceremony was lovely! The view was breathtaking!
Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Ferber
The best man was the bride's 11 year-old son. Awww!
Best man's toast
Apparently they practiced a lot for their first dance and wouldn't let anyone know what they were dancing to or see them dance before the reception. It was fun to hear all the anticipation that created; the mother of the bride was particularly excited to see what they'd been practicing.
First Dance
During the reception, Jeff and I popped outside for a bit.
We found this jacked up van to be pretty hilarious and thought of it as a marker of being at a wedding in the Pacific NW.
There were many other vehicles jacked up as well - mostly big, huge trucks.
Of course to even it out, there was one Porsche Spyder in the lot as well.

We were a little concerned about the weather when we were leaving MN. The forecast was for rain the entire weekend. Luckily, the rain didn't really start until everyone was comfortably in the lodge enjoying the wedding and reception.

The evening and nighttime showers gave us a beautiful treat the next morning. I love it when it rains in Oregon. Everything is so green!
The fog coming over the mountains was spectacular!

It was such a wonderful, beautiful, relaxing weekend! We're so grateful we had the opportunity to attend this wedding.

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