Monday, December 13, 2010

Blizzard 2010

This past weekend was one of the five worst snowfalls in Minnesota history. It was an all out blizzard! We were very thankful that since we no longer own a car, we didn't have to worry about shoveling!

Outside our garage, the snow was knee-deep!

This car across the street from our building was completely snowed-in.

Early afternoon
Same car, later in the evening
Without the pressure of having to shovel, we decided to bundle up and take a walk. It was really beautiful!
Perfect height for Sallie!
This bike owner is going to be sorry
Street corner at Laurel & Cleveland
There's a park bench under all that snow
Normally, this would be a sidewalk up to JRC.
After our walk, we noticed a neighbor stuck in our alley, so we grabbed our shovels to give her a hand. We ended up shoveling and pushing her to get her back out onto the street and into a nearby parking lot.

It was a pretty neat experience because there were a quiet peacefulness lingering in the air, and there were so many people outside walking around with shovels looking to help out anyone who needed it.

Apparently, there's nothing like a blizzard to bring a community together!

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