Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to Blogging: The First Post I Ever Wrote - "Welcome!"

As part of SITS Back to Blogging event, I am re-posting my very first blog entry for the Dodson Journal! This was originally posted on February 27, 2006.

Clarinda decided she should do some updates to our website this morning. She was shocked and appalled to discover that we hadn't made any updates since November! That is such a shame...

In light of this, we've decided that our website is too cumbersome and difficult to update frequently. We checked out a friend's blog and thought that might be the way for us to go, too. We hope to keep this updated much more frequently. We'll shoot for once a week, but hopefully at least a few times each month.

We haven't decided yet if we will try to update this retroactively or just going forward--probably a little of both.
While I have much enjoyed this blogging experience, I doubt that I've kept up with it nearly as well as my intentions were in Feb 2006! There have been several stints where this blog has been severely neglected. Perhaps Back to Blogging will inspire me to keep up with it.

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