Monday, May 08, 2006

We must really love waterfalls...

When we were in MN over Easter, we spend one afternoon with our friends, the Parsons--Bill, McKenzie and Gavin at Minnehaha Park. Here are some pics from our day in the park. (Pay attention to the matching shirts!)

1st time driving a convertible, so we needed proof. Thanks, Marna, for this sweet ride! :-)

Gavin, the Great!

Minnehaha Falls

What are those girls talking about?!

Pause for a photo

Jeff, the Conqueror

The Parsons

Posing in front of a waterfall...

Upside down tree...

Upside down Gavin...

1 comment:

Mckenzie said...

What a great looking family you got to hang out with.(JK) It was so great to see you guys. Hope that your last few months in the big city are great!


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