Saturday, May 13, 2006


This past Easter was such a beautiful, sunny Sunday. It was nice to be able to spend the afternoon with Clarinda's family in Minnesota. We were able to attend church with Clarinda's Dad in the Eagan ward. Clarinda's brother, Trevor, and his family joined us as well. Their ward meets late in the afternoon and with egg coloring and everything, we thought it would be better for them to celebrate Easter with us earlier in the day in order to leave time for an egg hunt before it got too dark.

After church, the Pena's joined us. All the girls got into the egg decorating. We had more than 3 dozen eggs to color! The little girls did most of the work, but Treva, Clarinda and Ana got into the fun a little as well. Tatiana and Suzanne look as if they're not quite sure where to begin! Look at the beautiful, yellow egg that Clarinda made. It even matches her shirt! Treva looks a bit too intense in her coloring skills.

And now for the egg hunt...
Treva hid the eggs all over the front and back yards. Then the girls grabbed their shoes and their little baskets and went a-hunting. It was quite the competition to see who would get the most. Clarinda helped Suzanne cuz she's only 3.

Would Easter be Easter without some bubbles?!

Just's not really a tradition, but here's Grandma Marna blowing some bubbles--out enjoying the beautiful day.

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