Saturday, May 27, 2006

Conquering Manhattan One Neighborhood at a time -- CHELSEA

Jeff and I thought it would be fun (and essential) to our NYC experience to visit each of the various neighborhoods in Manhattan. We intended on starting this in October, but then the rains came...and never seemed to stop. Well...summer is HERE!! And, of course, our time is getting quite limited (only 2 more months before our move West), so we've started the conquering.

Our first neighborhood...Chelsea...

There are lots of cool things to see and do in Chelsea--the Flatiron Building, the Empire State Building, Chelsea Market, Chelsea Pier, Madison Square Garden to name a few.

We started out at Madison Square Park (not to be confused with the Garden), because it was a nice place to meet near the Flatiron Building, which was the first thing we wanted to see.

I wonder what it would be like to work in a corner office in this building?!

Of course, in NYC, there is always lots of people watching. Check out this dude's outfit! I know you're jealous...we were... ;-)

Wow...I am strong!
So we were walking in Chelsea, and we stumbled upon Chelsea Park. We were getting a little tired, so we thought we'd grab a bench. This little park was a little too scary for us, we all we got was a pic of Jeff in front of the sign.

Madison Square Garden

Empire State Building


Jeff LOVES squirrels!

Beautiful greenery near the Pier

Chelsea Pier

One of my favorite places that we saw in this neighborhood was the Chelsea Market. We were looking for an open/outdoor market, but this was more amazing. Just look at the outside architecture and ornamentation. I think it's a beautiful building. And then...when you're inside, there are all these trendy little bakeries (Mmmm Mmmm now this is my kind of flower garden) and shops. The metallic art is very catching, plus there was this cool can you call it a waterfall when it's coming out of a pipe in the middle of a building? Very unique!

Lastly, we stopped at Barney's. Well, Barney's outlet. I popped in to check out the prices...$200 for a skirt ON SALE!! Guess we won't be shopping there anytime soon!

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