Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Good-bye, Frannie!

We're sure gonna miss you!

We welcomed the Franster into our lives in May 2008, but on Sunday, we said our final good-byes.
She was a good car, and we had some really fun times with her.
But now she is gone, and we are sad.

But also very excited about this new stage in our lives...without a car.
We're looking forward to a much healthier, lower stress life.
We'll be biking around town. Yep, even for groceries.
We're looking forward to exploring our neighborhood more and discovering all the fun local shops within biking distance.

We've decided to live a simpler life here in St Paul where we're not all-consumed with material things.
We're gonna focus more on us and our relationship and the beauty of the world around us.

Wish us luck in our new endeavor!


Reuben said...

So does this mean you get to buy new bikes???? What are you gonna get?

Clarinda said...

Yep, we already got new bikes. I'll have to blog about them in another post.

We both got Scott SUB 10 bikes. They're perfect for urban commuting. :-)

Ariana said...

What do you do when it's -10 degrees? I wish we lived closer to stuff so I didn't have to drive so much. Biking would be fun! Love your car btw....I'm hoping our next car may be a Scion like that. But who knows.

Clarinda said...


When it's so cold, we'll easily take taxis or public transportation. Luckily we live in a pretty awesome neighborhood where we can get most everything in a very easy bike ride.

Thanks for stopping by.

Living in Lupkes Land said...

Wow! Your car sold fast. Are you going to put Sallie in a basket on your handlebars? =)

Clarinda said...

Sallie's got her own little trailer in the back. She's super cute and loves it! It's like non-stop sticking her head out the window. What dog doesn't love that?!


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