Friday, July 23, 2010


Jeff and I are making the move to a more simplistic, less materialistic lifestyle.

We're hoping to enter the Peace Corps in two years when we've both finished our programs at school. We're really excited, but we know that it will definitely take some adjusting, so we're beginning the process now.

Last weekend, we sold

Nintendo Wii Console With Wii Sports Game + 7 other & Wii Fit

Play Station 3 (40 gb) In Perfect Condition

Black & Decker Power Tool Set

Double Doored TV Stand / Cabinet


Great couch / earthy tones

We're still hoping to sell many more items like our car and our TV.

It's hard letting go! But also freeing. :-)

I'm loving the look of our much more minimalistic living room. There is so much space without a couch or a TV! It's actually very comforting.


Reuben said...

I get the Nintendo Wii, the PlayStation, the TV, and the Car.... but the couch? What are people going to sit on now?

Clarinda said...

Haha! We like to stand. J/K. We've actually got a couple of comfortable armchairs.

Clarinda said...

Also, please visit our Virtual Garage Sale @ to see what else we have up for sale.

Tacy Marie said...

Hope you are getting good money for it all. How is the car selling going?

Clarinda said...

Good thing we aren't doing it for the money!? Actually, we aren't doing too bad. It's kind of fun (and sad) to be selling so much. No hits on the car yet. :-(


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