Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Marine Corps!

Last Saturday, November 7th, Jeff and I had the unique opportunity of attending the 234th Marine Corps Birthday Ball.

It was so much fun to don our fanciest clothes and enjoy a fancy meal in the company of so many servicemen.

My brother joined the Marine Corps shortly after 9/11. While serving in 29 Palms, he met and married the love of his life, so the Marines have definitely been a blessing to his life. A few years ago, he was accepted into the officer training program which allowed him to work toward his undergraduate degree, which he will complete in May. We will miss him immensely as he leaves MN next summer to continue his training at Quantico in VA.

Since he will be moving, this was our last opportunity to attend the ball, so many of our family chose to support my brother in this unique way.

My brother with my parents

Our little sister and her husband


I didn't get good pictures of everyone, but my older sister's husband, my brother's wife (of course), and my brother's wife's cousin (from CA) all came out to the ball as well.

Everyone looked so fabulous!

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Reuben said...

you guys look great!


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