Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Fourth of July

This is one holiday that always seems to be chock full of fun things to do.

This year, Jeff and I went to 4 picnics.

Picnic #1--The Christianson's
We stopped at the Christianson's for a little while. It was fun to catch up with John and Geri a little, and of course, chat with Lindsay and Dave. I also ran into Jessica Abrahamson (not sure what her married name is) who I went to seminary with many, many years ago. We weren't ever in the same ward, but our two wards did have early morning seminary together. I think her dad was even our teacher. She didn't really remember me though. :-( The food was good, and after a short while, we head out to...

Picnic #2--Uncle Rodney's
Every 4th of July, my Uncle Rodney invites everyone out to his house on Lake Minnetonka in Deephaven. Rodney usually takes a few boat trips out with the kids and whoever else might like to join them. Unfortunately, there isn't too much intermingling, but it's still fun for a once-a-year type of get-together. After some brief socializing, we headed out to...

Picnic #3--The Parsons'
McKenzie's birthday happens to be on the 4th, and she turned 30 this year, so we didn't want to miss out on this party. There was tons of good fun, and we were hungry again by this time. :-) Plus we got to visit with some friends from our old ward who we hadn't seen for nearly two years. It was fun to get reacquainted with a few of them. It was funny how one sister looked exactly the same as she didn't two years ago--VERY pregnant!!

Picnic #4--Back Home
Not really much of a picnic because no one was hungry from the day of gorging; it was more of a gathering place for fireworks. My family has scoped out a great viewing point for the Eagan fireworks. It's about a 1/2 mile walk, but you really can't ask for a better show! Corey, Lina, Trevor and Jeff stayed behind, but everyone else got to experience these fireworks up close and personal. I took a LOT of pics with my camera phone--some even turned out quite well.

It was a long, but very enjoyable, day!! Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th as well!

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