Monday, July 30, 2007

The Bakken

Last Friday, Jeff and I checked out the Bakken museum in Minneapolis.

The public libraries in the area have a really cool program! You can check out passes to local museums, zoos, and historic houses. Each Museum Adventure pass that you check out allows free admission for up to 4 people.

I couldn't decide which pass to check out first. I'd wanted to visit the Bakken for quite some time, so I figured it was a good place to start. I really hope that Jeff and I will be able to check out all of the museums!

Anyway, the Bakken was awesome!

It is located right on Lake Calhoun, but that's not really what made it awesome. The museum is all about electricity. I learned a lot of things. It was a very interactive museum, too. If you've never visited this one, I'd highly suggest it. It's especially good for kids.

Well...except for the Frankenstein presentation. It's a little spooky and could frighten small children. Of course, it's great for the big kids that Jeff and I are. That was easily the best part of the museum!

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