Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mormon Night at the Mets

June 19th was Mormon Night at the Mets. I always enjoyed going to Twins games with my Dad, so I thought it would be fun for Jeff and me to go to this game with members from our branch and the whole mission.

All the missionaries from the New York New York South mission sang the national anthem. Unfortunately, we were a little late getting to the game, and we missed seeing this.

We met up with the Shull’s before the game, since they’re on our way, and we took the train together. Our seats at the game weren’t near each other, so we separated for a time. We ended up moving to where they were, because the missionaries in our area were definitely showing their 19-year-old natures. It was pretty obvious that they were not at the game to watch, but rather to socialize with all the other missionaries there. They were really loud and distracting, so we moved.

Of course, then we were distracted by little Meredith—much more pleasurable of a distraction! She is such a cute little girl (will be 1 year in Aug), and has definitely stolen Jeff’s heart! I think he will miss her most out of everyone we’ve met here in NY.

The skies threatened rain all day, but it held off until (I think) the 8th inning. Once we felt the 1st two drops of rain, we were outta there!

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