Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Conquering Manhattan One Neighborhood at a Time -- TRIBECA

Next we decided to conquer Tribeca. For those of you who don’t know, Tribeca means “Triangle below Canal Street.”

For our roamings through this particular neighborhood, we found a walking tour online. We printed it out and met at the corner of Canal St and Broadway. The tour took us a couple of hours to finish, and took a lot of pictures of buildings that we found to be interesting. I’ll just put up a few of those that I really enjoyed.

Civic Center Synagogue

American Thread Building—now converted into condominiums

I don’t think this was a part of the tour, but we really thought these windows were neat.

American Telephone & Telegraph Long Lines Building—these tall, windowless towers hold electronic equipment for the phone company. It was designed to resist nuclear fallout and was to be provided with enough energy and food storage to keep it self-sufficient for two weeks' operation. The heat is provided by the telephone equipment itself. This info was provided in the tour. I was fascinated that the equipment produced so much heat.

Again, not part of the tour…but we’d really LOVE to live in a building like this. One of those top floors with one of those balconies! Can you imagine?! That would truly be a dream come true for us!

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