Monday, May 30, 2011


Wow! We've been neglectful in sharing our adventures with you. Naturally, I should be studying for my final while I wait for the rain to stop and the skies to clear, but instead I find myself in blogger.

Jeff and I have done so many fun things that have gone undocumented. I even found 3 posts in my drafts that were never published. They date back to *gulp* last July. I'll start with posting them, so be sure to rifle through the archives to find the following posts:

Camping with Friends - June 2010
Blizzard 2010 - December 2010
Restaurant Review of Capital Grille - March 2011

We've missed posting lots of other things, too. These are just the few that I've begun and never finished. I'll work on playing catch-up over the next few weeks.

I know you've all been dying to know what's been going on with the Dodsons!

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