Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Favorite Sport

Last night Jeff and I went to our first Roller Derbie!

We were kind of skeptical (or at least I was), but it was actually very fun to watch. We took some pics (unfortunately, it was too dark for good pics) and some video. The videos that were turned out well are too large to upload to this blog. Maybe we'll be able to edit them a bit to get them down to an appropriate size.

My sister plays hockey, so we're trying to get her to tryout to be a MN Rollergirl. Tryouts are at the end of June. I told her I'd even tryout, too!

Visit the MN Rollergirls website for more about this exciting sport.

1 comment:

Reuben said...

YEA. WORD. RollerGirls are sweet. If you hang out around the bands during the halftime show you can get tons of tokens for free slices of pizza and beer from pizza luce, too. OH YA. One time mel and I were at a roller derby. Some drunk lady was trying to flirt with one of the security guards. He didn't seem to interested in her so she bit him really hard right on the nipple while he was distracted. They chased her outside and I didn't see her the rest of the night. YEA. good blog.


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