Monday, November 19, 2007

ABC's of Thanksgiving

Yesterday in Sacrament the youth speaker extended a challenge to all the congregants. She challenged us to make a list of things we were thankful for from A to Z.

We thought it would be a great idea for our Family Home Evening tonight.

We is a list of what we came up with tonight for our ABC's of Thanksgiving:

A: alphabet, agriculture, anthropology, astronomy, algorithms, aspirations, Atonement, anatomy, air conditioning, airplanes
B: botany, biology, beavers, bed, baptism, bridges, buildings
C: Clarinda, children, Christmas, charisma, chapels, Christ, candles, computers, calendars, creativity, Chicago, capitalism, conservation efforts
D: development, devotion, dads, day, democracy, dreams
E: elephants, energy, electricity, electromagnetic field, epistles, education, e-mail
F: fish, food, flowers, flour, family, fun, fantasies, freezer, Fall, friends, fruit, Family Home Evening
G: greatness, geometry, geology, geography, good grades, gospel, games
H: happiness, home, humility, hats, heaven, habitats, hearts, hygiene, history, holding hands, hugs, help, helicopters, Hamburger Helper
I: individuality, independence, ice cream, islands, intellect
J: Jeff, jam/jelly, jokes, journeys
K: kindness, Killer Bunnies, kites, kisses
L: lakes, light rail, libraries, liberty, life, laughter, light, landscapes
M: music, moms, marriage, municipalities, movies, mathematics, money, modern conveniences, manual manipulation (opposable thumbs), mass transportation, maps, Minneapolis, minimalism
N: nitrogen, night, nutrients, negotiations, New York City
O: outdoors, oven, ordinances, Olympics, old growth forest, oxygen, order
P: prophets, pursuit of happiness, privilege, posterity, pumpkins, public transportation, parachutes, photography, priesthood, Portland, play, processes
Q: quality, queues,
R: revelation, refrigeration, Restoration, reading, rest, reliability, respect, resourcefulness, righteousness, Relief Society, road trips, rainbows
S: Superarmitron, squirrels, silliness, spirituality, Seminary, spontaneity, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, skyscrapers, seasons, sunshine, scripture, sleep, Sundays, shade, scenic views, and of course our Scion XB
T: technology, trains, toys, time, trees, trade, taste, touch, temples, tunnels, TV
U: urban centers, umbrellas, unity, understanding
V: violins, vitality, vision, vacations, vegetables, variables, vitamins
W: water, walks, wellness, willingness, watermelon, wishes, work
X: x-rays, xerography
Y: youth, yogurt, yellow, Yellowstone National Forest,
Z: zoos, zippers, ziggurat, zoology


Anonymous said...

what about the B's of Brooklyn and Bushwick? I'm hurt.


Jeff & Clarinda Dodson said...

Man oh could we forget our two favorite B's?! Sorry, Rob!


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