Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Another thing we love about our apartment...

Location, location, location!

Last night Jeff and I went for a walk. In about 7 minutes we were at Minnehaha Falls!
I LOVE the falls! The rushing water is so beautiful. It was dark, dark outside (I think it was around 8:00 PM), but still you could sense the power of all that water. I think we'll definitely be finding our way back there. It's fun how close by it is.
Here are a couple of pics. Sorry for the poor quality. We only had Jeff's phone with us. We have the exact same model of phone, but I think mine takes better photos. Go figure!

The other day, we also walked down to the Mississippi River. That was a fun walk, too, but no pics from that. We were too preoccupied doing Latin vocab. Ahh...the life of a student...and a student's wife. :-)

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Jill, Rion, Abby, & Juliana said...

Hey Clara Sue -
How are you? Your pictures reminded me of our trip in 9th grade -- do you remember the Legislative Field Trip? I still have the picture of us from the newspaper on the capital steps!
Can you send me your email address? Thanks!


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