Sunday, May 06, 2007

Man...has it really been 4 months!!

I guess Jeff and I have just settled into the monotony of school/work, eat, sleep... :-(

Nathan got to come and visit us this past weekend. It was kind of a last minute deal, but as always, it was fun to have him with us.

Jeff picked him up in Salem Friday afternoon, and to kill time before driving to Tualatin to pick me up from work, they went and checked out some electric cars. This bit Jeff with a real hankering to buy an electric car. Don't worry...we didn't splurge that much! :-) However, it might be a real possibility in the (not-so-distant) future.

Saturday afternoon, we went to the Portland Saturday Market. There were a lot of really cool things there. It really made me wish we had more $$ to buy art, jewelry, crafts, clothing, etc from these local artisans. Maybe someday...

The highlight of my weekend (and this is no joke) was after we returned from the Saturday Market. Nathan got to spend some quality time with grandma, and Jeff and I did yard work. Yep, you read that correctly! I mowed the lawn--not once, but twice. Yeah, it was that long. While I was mowing, Jeff was weed wacking. It was actually a lot of fun. My back and feet are a little sore today, but the yard does look much nicer. Both our mower and weed wacker are electric. It was pretty funny at times when we both had cords strung out in the yard where the other needed to be. I'd never used an electric mower before that was pulled into the house while you used it. It felt a little like vacuuming. :-)

Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post. I hope to get up some soon...

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