Friday, June 16, 2006

Tribeca Film Festival

In late April, I kept seeing posters for the Tribeca Film Festival. I thought we can't live in New York and not go to at least one film of the festival.

Jeff scoured the films for something that looked interesting and that would be appropriate for us to watch. We finally decided on a film called Kettle of Fish showing on May 6th. It's a romantic comedy (no surprise there) starring Matthew Modine and Gina Gershon. Modine plays a musician...a lifelong bachelor...who sublets his apartment to Gershon...a biologist.

As we were riding the train to the movie theater, I noticed that the couple across from us had some flyers (or something) that had Kettle of Fish written on it. I thought, "Hey! They're going to the same film we are." Jeff was trying to remember where exactly the theater was (which wasn't in Tribeca at all, but rather on the Upper West Side). We had forgotten to double check the listing before we'd headed out. I leaned over and said he should ask them because they were going to the same movie.

So he did.

Turns out, not only were they going to the same movie, but she was none other than Claudia Myers...the writer/director of the film!! We chatted for the rest of the train ride. What was it like to work with Modine? Of particular interest to us, as he is also LDS--married to his wife for more than 26 years! How many films had she had in the festival? This was her first and only. It was really exciting for us to sit across from the director and her husband.

The film festival (as previously mentioned) is not confined to Tribeca. The venues for the films are spread throughout most of the City, which we found very interesting. We were also shocked that this was only the 5th annual festival. We thought that it had been around much longer than that. Here is the theater we went to...

Getting tickets was no easy feat. We were unable to purchase tickets online, so we decided to get there early. Our landlord was heading out the Manhattan at the same time we were heading to the train. He offered us a ride. We accepted. It really helped us out because we were running a bit late.

This was the line by the time we got there! And this was just to get the tickets

The film was very enjoyable! We even stayed for the Q&A with the director. Made me miss my film school days a little bit. Maybe I could've had a film in the TFF if I had stayed in the program for more than 1 1/2 quarters!


Anonymous said...

1 and 1/2 quarters? how many months is that?


jeff-clarinda said...

roughly 4 1/2 months
Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, part of Jan


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