Saturday, April 15, 2006

McMenamin's Kennedy School

We wanted to have a reception or an open house after our sealing, so those of our family and friends who were unable to attend the temple ceremony could still help celebrate our day with us. Planning a reception soon became too daunting to do from 3000 miles away, so we decided to hold a Celebratory Dinner instead.

In the Portland area, there is a chain called McMenamins. They buy old, unique buildings and convert them into restaurants. The one we chose was the Kennedy School. The school was built in 1915, but has now been converted to a restaurant. We reserved a classroom for our gathering--complete with chalkboards and everything!
A few pics from our celebratory dinner...

With Erin Black and Heidi Pabst
Clarinda's aunts, Leah Cooley and Edith Crowder (left to right)

Clarinda's uncle Richard Cooley

Corey and Lina Wilson (Clarinda's brother and sister-in-law)

Corey Wilson and Jerilyn Dodson (Jeff's mom)

The Cottey girls deep in conversation--probably a trip down memory lane

What a goofy guy!

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